What would your life look like if eating wasn't stressful?
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 a 10-week group coaching program designed to help you cut ties with diet culture and redefine your relationship with food to be easy and natural

Who is this program for?

This program is for you if...

  • You're at the end of your "dieting rope"

  • You have tried EVERYTHING and nothing has stuck

  • You don't really know what "normal" eating is anymore

  • You want your healthy lifestyle to feel natural

  • You're ready to END the yo-yo dieting cycle

What's included?

Live weekly training and coaching with me via Zoom (recording sent after)

Use of evidence-based strategies for better health

Targeted weekly goals and homework for guidance and structure

Online coaching community for support and accountability from peers

Ongoing support and guidance from me via the online community

Why group coaching instead of one-on-one?

Not to sound cliche, but we're all in this together! Cutting ties with diets is hard work, and it can feel like you are constantly going against the grain. It's helpful to work in a group setting so you know you are not alone in your journey - we've got your back!

What topics will be covered during the 10 weeks?

We will be diving into how dieting has negatively impacted your life, and tangible steps on how to leave it behind forever. You'll learn how to make peace with food, so that your experience with food is more fulfilling and joyful. You'll learn how to trust your body and how to listen to and honor your body's signals, such as hunger, fullness, and satisfaction. You'll learn how to make shifts in your eating so that you feel your best. And that's just a sneak peak. ;)

Will I lose weight during this program?

Like so many things in life, there are many factors that play into body weight that are entirely out of our control. So, like many things in life, the answer is: I don't know. My goal with this program is to give you the foundation to cultivate a healthy relationship with food and make food decisions that make you feel confident and awesome. Whatever happens to your weight during that process is your body's decision.

Ehhhhh, maybe I should just try low-carb again.

Dieting is like gambling. The snippet of hope in, "Maybe this next diet will be the one..." has people going back for more and more their entire lives, just like, "Well maybe this time I'll win big..." Ultimately, you have full autonomy over your body. You don't need me to tell you that! But if you've been dieting and it hasn't worked, let me serve as your little fairy godmother when I say, "It's time to try something new."

Why do I have to apply?

I am capping the number of people I'm allowing into this program, so I want to make sure each and every person joining is aligned with the purpose of this program and is ready to go. After I review your application, I will reach out to you with a text and an email with more details and to follow up if I have further questions for you.

You have the opportunity to...

learn HOW to trust your body and its signals

leave dieting behind forever

build a foundation on which to discover a healthy lifestyle that's fully aligned with who YOU are

feel EMPOWERED around food for the rest of your life

and we're currently accepting applications.

We start on October 19, 2021.

How much more of your time are you willing to spend stressing over food, lacking confidence in your body, and missing out on life experiences because of fear?

Applications are due 10/1/21 at 5 PM CENTRAL.