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After being terrible at all sports that involved a defensive strategy or hand-eye coordination, I saw one option left: running.

At the age of 13, I started running as a sport - "competing" in the 200 m on my 7th grade track team (I tried pole vault too, but we're not going to talk about that).


The 17 years that has followed has been full of running, from thinking I was a sprinter in track, to realizing I was actually a distance runner in high school cross country, and running my first full marathon at 20 years old.

Running isn't just a sport or a form of exercise. It creates lifelong friendships, spans all cultures, and is a vehicle for self-growth.

It's a joy of mine to share my love of running through run coaching, fueling plans, and yoga.

about me

For the others out there who make all their life decisions based on the results of a personality test (jk, kinda), I'm an Enneagram 7, an ENFP (the "Campaigner"), a Hufflepuff, and a Sagittarius. 


Basically all this means that I love to have fun, and seek interesting experiences in life, and I use way too many exclamation points in emails for someone who calls themselves a feminist.

Running has become my way to experience more in the world.

There's always something to learn about yourself through the challenge of running, it forges amazing friendships, and gives you an excuse to go on vacation here and there. ;)

To me, it's not just about hitting a certain mile time, getting a runners' high, or training for a marathon. It adds so much more to your life than you could ever imagine.

That's the profound feeling I want to cultivate in each of my runners.

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