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Coaching Services

We offer a variety of coaching plans for beginner or experienced runners.

Coaching Bundles

We offer personalized running coaching for athletes of all levels for anything from 5K to full marathon distance.
Marathon Runners

Run Coaching

Appropriate for both in-season and off-season running (i.e. whether you're training for a race or not!) to help you arrive happy and healthy to your goals.


  • Initial Zoom call or local meetup to establish goals

  • Running plan based on current fitness, goals, and training capabilities

  • Race day plan and checklist (if applicable)

  • Voxer support*


3 month minimum

Healthy assortment of yellow foods

Run Coaching + Fueling Plan

Includes everything from Run Coaching, plus a detailed performance fueling plan that includes:

  • Recommendations for pre-, intra-, and post-run nutrition, including specific nutrient targets.

  • General nutrition recommendations based on your current intake and any dietary restrictions.

We take into account your current fueling habits and slowly progress toward nutrient goals - just like with running!


3 month minimum

*Voxer is a messaging app that makes it easy to send text or voice memos back and forth. This makes it easy to keep me updated on your training and to make any tweaks quickly. I am able to respond to Voxer messages within a few hours most days of the week.

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