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Hi, I'm Tori!

I'm a nutrition coach, and totally amped to meet you.

My passion is to help YOU reconnect with your body. Because when your body, mind, and actions are connected - awesome things happen.

You are liberated of food rules, guilt, and fears.

You eat a variety of nourishing, tasty, and satisfying foods.

You learn to show up for yourself and take care of your body.

You experience authentic health.

During my time in college and even several years into my career as a dietitian, I was struggling big time.
I was stuck in the grip of diet culture - constantly analyzing every bite and rarely going a day without feeling guilt over something I ate.
Even though I was still at a "healthy" weight, my body was beginning to show signs of undernutrition. My day to day habits - whether it be my compulsive need to exercise or my absolute fear around food - were nothing shy of disordered.
There were days that I was so tired of my fight with food and the amount of energy I had to expend to be "acceptable" that I had no idea how I was supposed to survive your typical 70-80 year old lifespan. I honestly didn't know if I wanted to.

Intuitive Eating, Health At Every Size (HAES), and other anti-diet, weight-neutral approaches to food and nutrition changed my life - personally and professionally.

I was working at a weight loss clinic at the time. I enjoyed my job, but I realized I was promoting a lot of the same behaviors that had made my relationship with food and my body so f*cked up.


As soon as I could, I left the job completely to work on my meal prep biz and launch my coaching business to help my clients experience authentic health, rather than constantly striving for the thin ideal.

These last two years, I've learned so much about myself and have felt so liberated, that I don't see myself ever looking back. I genuinely enjoy experiencing food and movement in a way that increases my physical health and doesn't encourage me to sacrifice things I love - like ice cream... for breakfast!

I know my experience is resonating with some of you. I'd love to chat. Contact me below, or

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